About the ACVZ

The Dutch Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs (Adviescommissie voor Vreemdelingenzaken, ACVZ) is an independent committee that advises the Dutch Government and Parliament on migration issues. The committee reports on migration policy and legal issues.

The Government is legally obliged to inform Parliament of its point of view on the advisory reports within three months. The ACVZ reports also on proposals to amend the Dutch Aliens Act. These reports are presented to the Government and to Parliament. The reports are made public.

Special blog: 'Migration in times of corona'

The advisory committee started in March 2020 a blog on the subject of 'Migration in times of corona'. Some of the posts are translated in English.

Blog #3  : Give knowledge migrants and international talent more security of residence during the corona crisis

English publications

The ACVZ published the following reports also in English.








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